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Building relationships that last

I've worked with Douglas for several years, including on multiple major reports and more than five global articles. They are the best I’ve worked with, having worked with over ten editors on major publications.
Global management consultancy
Our compliments to the Douglas team for tackling a complex topic and making it so appealing. The final article is a terrific exploration of the issues and challenges of sharing data. It held my attention while covering a lot of ground, and I believe it will appeal to a large audience. 
Asian telecoms company
We’ve loved working with you all at Douglas – thanks for everything … your ideas, suggestions, patience and ability to keep calm with the ongoing and last-minute changes from us. The final report looks amazing and that’s down to you all. Thank you again for everything.
Head of communications
Leading UK bank
Thank you so much for being such a great steward of this process! Definitely the best experience I’ve had working on a publication – thank you!
Engagement manager

Global management consultancy
A big, big THANK YOU for the wonderful work you have helped me with! I would not be here today without that great support and I’m looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the times to come.
Global leader
Professional services firm
A heartfelt thank you for the superhuman work of all in the Douglas team. The effort and expertise you put in will make a real difference to how this is received by stakeholders across the spectrum – people who would take it with them to champion the project's success and impact.
Government policy advisor

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