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Develop insights with research and analytics, communicate them through storytelling and engage your audience with digital design and strategic convenings

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Our knowledge consultancy offers a range of services that empower you to amplify your distinctive voice – establishing your organisation, and its people, as leaders in your sector. Our team of consultants, analysts, writers, editors and designers will work closely with you to develop and publish strategic content, tailored to your specific needs and ways of working. Whether you need support with content solutions or knowledge strategy, we can create a team to partner with you for success. 

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A few case studies highlighting our capabilities in action
Research & Analytics
5 min read

Mapping Europe’s tech talent for a leading venture capital firm

5 min read

Elevating economic policy for a government
in Africa

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The Government Promise System: A better way to deliver impact

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A springboard to sustainable recovery

Research & analytics

Research design and scope

Where creativity and analytical thought converge. We collaborate closely to spark ideas and refine the research scope, ensuring that you glean unique insights. A combination of quantitative and qualitative data sources translate into tailor-made research solutions with dependable outcomes.

Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative inquiry

Our interdisciplinary approach combines survey design and fielding, as well as in-depth interviews, and leverages our expansive network of third-party data providers. This holistic strategy furnishes you with a thorough dataset, designed to achieve your objectives.

Meticulous analysis and synthesis

Following the data collection, we embark on data analysis, initiating expansive, exploratory studies before zeroing in on specific hypotheses with various techniques – guided by your ongoing input. We distil the insights with clarity, readying them for editorial refinement and data visualisations.

Mapping Europe’s tech talent
for a leading venture capital firm


Content ideation 

Embarking on the content creation journey, whether it's crafting an article, assembling a comprehensive report, or authoring a book, begins with meticulous ideation. We draw on our extensive cross-industry expertise and pool of subject-matter experts to forge a clear and compelling narrative. 

Expert editorial support 

Our team of skilled editors collaborates with you to transform your initial storyline into a substantive draft and ensure that your ideas are communicated with precision and influence. 

Strategic publication and amplification

We navigate the pathways of content dissemination for maximum impact. Our support extends through the intricacies of journal submissions, the nuances of social media strategy, and the complexities of book publication, ensuring your voice is heard – loud and clear. 

Establishing Consulum as a thought leader in government advisory 

Digital & design

Art direction

In the digital realm, our art direction moulds distinct visual identities through carefully chosen typography, colour schemes, and iconography. We create tailored aesthetics for PDFs, e-books, and more, ensuring each project commands attention with its unique look and feel. 

Data visualisation

We help you craft digestible visual narratives from complex datasets, turning numbers into intuitive and engaging graphics that inform and drive decisions.

Digital solutions and design

We merge art and technology to craft designs and animations that stand out.  

Empowering sustainable growth with NatWest  

Elevate your voice.
Amplify your impact. 

Strategically amplify your message to the audiences that matter. From curating impactful events to harnessing the power of social media, we ensure your voice resonates with the right audience. 

Strategic convenings

Design and orchestrate purpose-driven events. We meticulously craft gatherings that convene leaders from our extensive networks. These occasions spark meaningful dialogue and foster human connection. We partner with you every step of the way, from initial ideation to panellist selection and event execution. 

Market reach 

Deepen engagement. Our social media savants will help you leverage the power of different platforms, expanding your reach and fostering deeper engagement with your target audience. 

Measurable impact

Go beyond amplification. Discover tools and strategies to assess your content campaigns, track sentiment and impact, and pivot your approach for maximum effectiveness. 

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